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300-165 DCII Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure Real Exam Dumps 2017

The Connectivity Management Processor monitors the active supervisor module on a Cisco Nexus 7000 switch and will reboot the device in the event of a lights-out management issue. However, which option includes features that provide similar benefits in the absence of the Connectivity Management Processor?
A. high-availability functionality from features such as vPC and NSF
B. traditional system connectivity models like SNMP, GUI, or SSH
C. Cisco FabricPath
D. VDC failover
Answer: A

Which statement about implementation of Cisco TrustSec on Cisco Nexus 5546 or 5548 switches are true?
A. Cisco TrustSec support varies depending on Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switch model.
B. The hardware is not able to support MACsec switch-port-level encryption based on IEEE 802.1AE.
C. The maximum number of RBACL TCAM user configurable entries is 128k.
D. The SGT Exchange Protocol must use the management (mgmt 0) interface.
Answer: B

Topic 2, Data Center Infrastructure Security

Which statement about RBAC user roles on a Cisco Nexus switch is true?
A. If you belong to multiple roles, you can execute only the commands that are permitted by both roles (logical AND).
B. Access to a command takes priority over being denied access to a command.
C. The predefined roles can only be changed by the network administrator (superuser).
D. The default SAN administrator role restricts configuration to Fibre Channel interfaces.
E. On a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, roles are shared between VDCs.
Answer: B

By default it will take 10 seconds for authentication to fail due to an unresponsive RADIUS server before a Cisco Nexus series switch reverts to another RADIUS server or local authentication. What is one efficient way to improve the reaction time to a RADIUS server failure?
A. Decrease the global RADIUS retransmission count to 1.
B. Decrease the global RADIUS timeout interval to 5 seconds.
C. Configure the RADIUS retransmission count and timeout interval per server, versus globally.
D. Configure per server a test idle timer, along with a username and password.
Answer: D

Which statement explains why a Cisco UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnect that is configured in end-host mode is beneficial to the unified fabric network?
A. There is support for multiple (power of 2) uplinks.
B. Upstream Layer 2 disjoint networks will remain separated.
C. The 6200 can connect directly via vPC to a Layer 3 aggregation device.
D. STP is not required on the uplink ports from the 6200.
Answer: D

Which two statements about Cisco Nexus 7000 line cards are true? (Choose two.)
A. M1, M2, and F1 cards are allowed in the same VDC.
B. M line cards are service-oriented and likely face the access layer and provide Layer 2 connectivity.
C. F line cards are performance-oriented and likely connect northbound to the core layer for Layer 3 connectivity.
D. M line cards support Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 with large forwarding tables and a rich feature set.
E. The F2 line card must reside in the admin VDC.
Answer: A, D

Which GLBP load-balancing algorithm ensures that a client is always mapped to the same VMAC address?
A. vmac-weighted
B. dedicated-vmac-mode
C. shortest-path and weighting
D. host-dependent
Answer: D

How is a dynamic vNIC allocated?
A. Dynamic vNICs are assigned to VMs in vCenter.
B. Dynamic vNICs can only be bound to the service profile through an updating template.
C. Dynamic vNICs are bound directly to a service profile.
D. Dynamic vNICs are assigned by binding a port profile to the service profile.
Answer: C

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